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Published in Nov 2007 by Documatica Research, LLC.
Available in hardcover from Amazon.com

From the back cover:
When Mark Harris, a financial executive from Silicon Valley, goes on a fishing trip to Brazil with his friend Robert, he is not looking for UFOs. Confronted with huge objects the size of a city that lift out of the waters of the Amazon, the two men are infuriated by the official denials that greet their story. They soon become the target of a determined commando, ready to kill to get the evidence they hold.

Evidence of what? Everybody knows that UFOs do not exist: Scientists have proven they were the product of hallucinations or illusions, and official projects designed to study them have been shelved. Is there a diabolical cover-up behind these reassuring statements?

Desperate to get at the truth, Robert and Mark set a trap to force their opponents to reveal themselves. All hell breaks loose when the blackest project ever devised by the Pentagon swallows the bait and leads Robert and Mark to a surprising - and devastatingly simple - solution. But who is the woman with the green eyes? And what if UFOs turned out not to be from another planet after all?


Reviewers' comments:

"This fine, fast paced and exciting novel is also a new approach to the phenomena known collectively as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. Vallee could rightly be called the world's foremost researcher and writer on the subject of sightings, stories of encounters and other observations. He has been equally interested though in the sociology, folklore and cults that have grown up around these elusive phenomena. "Stratagem is the story of a "close encounter" with an object emerging from the waters of the Amazon.The climax involves a surprising explanation of the object's origin and intentions, and rewards the reader with a transcendent view of the true complexity of our world."

Rob Swigart, author, The Time Trip