Jacques F. Vallee
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Professional Works
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Personal Research

Forbidden Science
Volume One Journals 1957-69
Volume Two Journals 1970-79

 U.S. hardcover edition

U.S. hardcover edition
San Francisco: Documatica Research, 2007

U.S. Version

San Francisco 2008
Documatica Research

"This dazzling diary offers a glimpse into the mind of a scientist who seems to challenge every misconception and established piety. It is replete with profoundly insightful, often devastating observations."
(Publishers Weekly)

Volume one available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com
Volume two available at Lulu.com

First French edition

First French edition
Marseille: O.P. Editions, 1997
Trade Paperback

First U.S. hardcover edition

First U.S. hardcover edition
Berkeley: North Atlantic, 1992

First U.S. trade paperback

First U.S. trade
New York: Marlowe & Co., 1996