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UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat

New York: Ballantine Books, 1992
In Collaboration with Martine Castello

“Newsworthy brief (…) It was on the heels of the notorious Voronezh sightings of 1989 and the first warm breezes of Glasnost that Vallee was invited by the Soviet news agency Novosti to visit the USSR to meet with leading Soviet ufologists. In this chronological account of that trip, the author blends pungent travelogue with crisp science reporting, noting, for instance, that “the depression that engulfs you as you get closer to the Soviet Union is not a delusion … It was as if light itself had been confiscated. There was a dreary blanket over the airport buildings, the dusty air, the people themselves.” Yet upon his arrival Vallee found myriad scientists eager to exchange notes – an ironic result, he realized, of “censorship itself,” which had forced Soviet ufology into “unofficial networks” where it flourished. “

(Kirkus Reviews, January 15, 1992)